We pray the reflections below will help you in finding renewed life.

Oramos las reflexiones a continuación le ayudarán en la búsqueda de una vida renovada.

The Rev. Joe Parrish
New York, NY
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Current Reflections


“It’s practically free”

Matthew 20:1-16
The motivation of the landowner in Jesus' parable seems to be to make sure every worker has at least the amount necessary for the survival of their family for one day, an amount equal to one denarius. Anything less than a denarius of pay per day for a worker would mean the person’s family would either starve or become homeless. So the seemingly unfair landowner is indeed more focused on giving survivable income to all his workers, and he disregards the grumbling of the jealous ones.

Series: Proper 20A

Speaker: The Rev. Joseph Parrish

Topic: Proper 20, Year A

Passage: Matthew 20:1-16

Language: English



Denarius, income, envy, good, generous, landowner, vineyard, laborers, hour, eleventh, first, second, third, Mark Twain, Yogi Berra, Billy Graham, Frederick Buechner, thankful, productivity, job, satisfaction, employees, remedy, envy, kindness, jealousy, jealous, parable, Jesus, Christ, God, sinners, latecomers, grace, kingdom, Jewish, Christians, gentiles, worker, business, Greek, English, justice


“Is it just not right?”

Matthew 18:21-35
We live in a time and place where forgiveness is not the norm. May we be the ones to strive to forgive one another as God has forgiven us and to make this effort a part of our common society.

Series: Proper 19 (A)

Speaker: The Rev. Joseph Parrish

Topic: Proper 19, Year A

Passage: Matthew 18:21-35

Language: English



Jesus, Christ, Episcopal, Church, forgiveness, hostility, Supreme, Court, United States, execution, death, penalty, states, Tutu, Ghandi, Graham


“Nobodies In Charge”

Matthew 18:15-20
Description: We are community, worldwide and town by town. As we see in each other the spirit of Christ, so shall we send that Spirit out to others in love, forgiving as we have been forgiven by Christ our Lord.

Series: Proper 18 (A)

Speaker: The Rev. Juan Oliver The Rev. Juan Oliver

Topic: Proper 18, Year A

Passage: Matthew 18:15-20

Language: English



Kingdom, Mexico, community, forgiven, forgive, love

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