We pray the reflections below will help you in finding renewed life.

Oramos las reflexiones a continuación le ayudarán en la búsqueda de una vida renovada.

The Rev. Joe Parrish
New York, NY
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“Do we have flexibility?”


“Do we have flexibility?”

Blindness can be a weakness, but for some it becomes a life giving gift. Overcoming our own blindness to important things around us will potentially be life giving for us as well.

Series: Lent 4A

Speaker: The Rev. Joseph Parrish

Topic: Fourth Sunday in Lent (A)

Passage: John 9:1-41

Language: English



Blind, blindness, mud, healing, heal, wash, spittle, Siloam, spiritually, spiritual, physical, judge, Jesus, God, Son, redeem, separation, last, least, lost, lonely, caring, miracle, miraculous, Molin, right, addictions, sins, secret, Pharisees, sanctuary, Gospel, John, Buckminster Fuller, geodesic, dome, Bucky balls, superlubricant, micro-tubules, supercomputers, spring

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