We pray the reflections below will help you in finding renewed life.

Oramos las reflexiones a continuación le ayudarán en la búsqueda de una vida renovada.

The Rev. Joe Parrish
New York, NY
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“All God’s Children”


“All God’s Children”

The Lazarus Phenomenon is a medically observed condition when people in cardiac arrest come back to life with or without resuscitation efforts over a matter of minutes or hours. However, Jesus calls Lazarus back to life after being dead four days in the tomb, which is quite different from resuscitation and is sometimes called revivification; but this differs still dramatically from resurrection when those who have died with faith in Christ are raised to life eternal at Jesus' side with God the Father in heaven.

Series: Lent 5A

Speaker: The Rev. Joseph Parrish

Topic: Fifth Sunday in Lent, Year A

Passage: John 11:1-45

Language: English



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