We pray the reflections below will help you in finding renewed life.

Oramos las reflexiones a continuación le ayudarán en la búsqueda de una vida renovada.

The Rev. Joe Parrish
New York, NY
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“What’s with the goats?


“What’s with the goats?

We humans are not able to discern spiritual sheep from goats: only Christ can do that. As we feed the hungry, give love to the unloved and oppressed, and freedom to those imprisoned by fear and hunger, we become the needed hands of God in our world.

Last Sunday after Pentecost:
Proper 29 (A)
November 26, 2023
Matthew 25:31-46

Series: Proper 29 (A) - Last Sunday after Pentecost

Speaker: The Rev. Joseph Parrish

Topic: Proper 29, Year A

Passage: Matthew 25:32-46

Language: English



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