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The Rev. Joe Parrish
New York, NY
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“Is Human Law Divine Law?”


“Is Human Law Divine Law?”

All Saints Episcopal Church, Steenrijk
Willemstad, Curacao
Proper 4 (B)
June 2, 2024
Mark 2:23 – 3:6

Jesus challenges the power of the Pharisees in doing a miracle on the Sabbath, healing a man with a paralyzed hand. But the Sabbath law had been taken over by the Pharisees, and they used Jesus’ actions to begin their plot to remove him from any power he was gathering. How do we ‘keep the Sabbath holy’?

Series: Proper 4 (B)

Speaker: The Rev. Joseph Parrish

Topic: Proper 4, Year B

Passage: Mark 2:2:23--3:6

Language: English



Jesus, Christ, God, healing, paralyzed, withered, man, hand, right, Luke, Mark, love, pharisees, sabbath, temple, Jerusalem, Babylonians, prophets, miracle, Sunday, liquor, store, malls, shopping, good, deeds, hospitalized, nursing, homes, shelter, Sunday, Psalm, 139, Roman, legions

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